How to make money, 37 Ideas to Get You Started

You wouldn’t think you’d be able to just search “how to make money” and find good ideas online. I sure didn’t think that when I first tried it. But, although most of it was nonsense or unusable, I did find quite a few ideas I could work with.

You may not be able to become an online marketer or start a blog, but among the hundreds of ways to make cash online and offline listed on the web, there is bound to be a few you can try out. So, for this Tuesday’s article, I’ve decided to give you my own list of 37.

Here it is:

  1. Participate in Market Research

Research these online. If you’re wondering how to make money, you must think outside the box. With this option, you stand to make some quick bucks with little work.

Companies will ask you to test out their services and/or products for a small fee.  You’ll have to give your opinion in writing, answer a survey or poll, or even have a group discussion. The way they gather their data doesn’t matter. Simply use it when you need some extra cash.

  1. Website / User Testing

At, you can sign up to visit different websites and check if there is anything confusing or difficult about them. Basically, you’ll be reviewing the site and get paid for doing it.

  1. How to Make Money with Web Browsing

These days, you can make money while searching the web. How? Install a aadd-on and start searching. Because of it, some sponsored results will pop up with an attached cash reward.

Extra note: there is no minimum cash-out and you can even donate your earnings to charity.

  1. Car Wrap Advertisement

If you own a car and are often driving, why not turn it into a roaming billboard? Carvertise enables you to find companies looking to promote their services on your vehicle. You will earn a monthly fee just by driving around.

  1. Sell Your Photos

How to make money selling photography? Well, first of all, you have to be pretty good at it. If you have a steady hand and an eye for great shots, you can sell your work on websites such as ShutterStock.

  1. Use Amazon to Sell your Old Books

If you’ve gathered a collection of college texts and old books you no longer need, go otoAmazon and sell them. You’ll have to get rid of them eventually, so why not make a profit doing so?

  1. Use Etsy or CafePress

If you have a digital item or are capable of creating one, you can sell it on CaféPress or Etsy. All you need is some design software. They’ll give you inspirational quotes, custom logos, and any other appealing design you may need to sell your product.

  1. Sell your Electronics

There is a huge market for used electronics. Clean up your home and get rid of those old devices you keep just in case. You can sell your phone at, your old MackBook or iPhone and any other device you no longer need.

  1. PostMates

Use PostMates to make some extra money by making bike deliveries in downtown centers and busy cities. You can earn $25/hour, and it’s a good opportunity for those looking for a second / part time income stream.

  1. Fiverr Gigs

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr yet, pay it a visit now. No matter what services you are capable of offering or what products you can create, you can sell them all on Fiverr. The $5/gig model has been expanded, so you can ask for any price you find appropriate.

  1. Just Answer

Websites like JustAnswer permit engineers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals to make an extra income by answering the masses’ questions regarding their field. If you know your stuff, it can be the opportunity you’re looking for.

  1. TaskRabbit

This is a website where you can find local chores you can do for a fee. Sometimes, you can even find large tasks which pay substantially. Amazon is also starting to offer such services, like requests for small repairs or even home renovations.

  1. Become a driver for Lyft or Uber

You can make some cash easily with a company, such as Lyft and Uber. To sign up, you must have a driving license, a clean record, the ability to work in your state and a car in driving condition. If you have all that, give them a call. You’ll be able to work whenever it suits you, be it during rush hour or in the middle of the night.

  1. Flip merchandise

If you have an eye for great deals, then you may want to give buying and reselling items a shot. You can find cheap things in thrift stores and garage sales. Afterwards, use Amazon, eBay, and other websites to find clients.

  1. Flip Real Estate

Despite involving expensive homes, it doesn’t cost much to flip contracts for real estate. Real estate contracts can be switched without owning the property itself. There’s no need to repair the house before selling it. Just get the contract and sell it to someone interested.

Oftentimes, all you’ll need to get started are a few hundred bucks. You can learn how to do this at REWW or other similar companies.

  1. Babysit and other similar websites are great for finding babysitting jobs. And with millions of new babies born every year, you’re not likely to run short of clients. Also, depending on the parent’s needs and finances, such an opportunity can pay extremely well.

  1. Pet Sitting

Similar to babysitting, you’ll be taking care of a cat or a puppy. You can find clients within your family members or circle of friends, or use to find them online.

  1. House Sitting

Why look after a baby or a pet when you can take care of the house itself? When people leave their homes temporarily, they may need someone to stay behind and water the plants, collect the email, clean the dust, etc. and other such websites are great places for you to look for such work, and you can also keep an eye out for friends or family who are about to go on vacation.

  1. Housecleaning

Many online platforms will help you find clients in this niche. All you have to do is be thorough, leave not a speck of dust behind, and you can earn as much as $20 per hour.

  1. Dog Walking

Anybody can do it, so why not you? You can use websites like rover to find clients, knock on your neighbors’ doors or ask around on Facebook. If you do a good job, you’ll get more requests and build up a client base.

  1. Personal Training

Are you passionate about fitness, lifting weights or healthy food and/or diets? You can earn a great living by coaching others and helping them achieve their goals. Again, there are many sites, such as FitnessTrainer that you can use to find clients.

  1. Tutor

This is another opportunity most of us can use. If you’ve finished school and have the patience to teach, helping the younger generation can get you paid quite well. Use websites like to find parents searching for someone to guide their children.

  1. Rent a room

If you have your own home, but aren’t using all of it, you can find someone in need of rent at AirBnB. You’ll make an extra income doing pretty much nothing. Also, if you live near a tourist destination, the price you can ask for goes up substantially.

  1. Garage Sales

This is a classic way to recover some money from all those old items which are taking up space. If you’re planning on moving, or the clutter is building up a bit too much, this can be the perfect opportunity to make some cash.

  1. Sell Your Hair

People pay big money for natural wigs, and these are made with, you guessed it, natural human hair. You can sell it online or go around town looking for hair salons that buy it.

  1. Matched Betting

This is a very fast way to gather some cash, and it is perfectly legal. Betting sites often offer free bets you can use to your advantage. By using matched betting, the risk is eliminated, since you are betting for both outcomes.

Basically, you are betting for something to happen and for the same thing to not happen at the same time. Because the sum you stand to win in both cases is bigger than the total sum you’ve invested, regardless of the outcome, you win.

  1. Lending

Wondering how to make money using the cash you already have but which you never use? Platforms like Lending Club are a great place to start putting your money to use.

  1. Recover your Money

If you go to, you can see if there are any funds the state is keeping which you have yet to claim, such as refunds, rebates, old paychecks, etc.

  1. Get your money back when purchasing everyday items

If you plan on buying something, why not get your money back as well? Websites like Ebates will actually pay you every time you buy something using their website.

However, this is not a way for you to make money, as much as it is a way to save it. Do not buy things you don’t need, since you will not be making a profit.

  1. Freelance Writing

Read some of the blog posts and pages you find online. Ask yourself: could I write something better? If the answer is yes, then you may just have what it takes to become a freelance writer. You can earn between $5 to $500 per piece depending on the article’s length, your experience, and your ability to find and keep well-paying clients.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or lots of Facebook friends, you can go as far as making a living with affiliate marketing. Many companies will pay you very well to send them clients.

For example, if you post a link to their landing page, they will track the visitors coming through that link. Afterwards, if one of those visitors buys something from their website, you’ll receive a commission.

The key to this strategy is figuring out what your community needs and only recommending products / services that will actually help them.

  1. Become a handyman

How to make money as a handyman? If you’re skilled at fixing things around the house, you can do the same for others. Spread some fliers or offer your services on Amazon Services.

  1. Gardening

If your neighborhoods’ gardens are unattended, why not offer to take care of them? Services range from pulling weeds to mowing lawns, and even planning the décor and the gardens themselves. If you have a creative side, you may want to give it a shot.

  1. Carpet Washing

Go to the home improvement store in your local area and rent a carpet cleaning machine. Afterwards, make a ton of flyers and advertise around town. There are always people who hate washing their carpets and would love to pay someone else to do it. You can be that person.

  1. Gutter Cleaning

Similar to snow removal, this service implies going around the neighborhood and seeing who needs and who would like you to clean his / her gutter for a fee. The best season to do this is autumn, since leaves often fill them up.

  1. Snow removal

When people do anything to stay indoors, those willing to venture into the snow can earn quite a bit of money. Just go around town and see who’s interested. I myself would love to have someone else take the snow out, but nobody’s ever around to do it.

  1. Clean Pools

If you live in a rich neighborhood or near one, there may be a few pools in need of cleaning. Ask around and do it for a fee.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. When you find yourself short on money, it is not the time get angry or frustrated, to despair or to give up. Think outside the box and try something new. This is just one list of many you can find online on how to make some extra cash or even earn a living. Stop wasting time thinking how to make money. Just pick something and try it.


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