Earning time: Do Less to Free your Schedule and Achieve More

There are two types of people in the world: Those with too much time and those with too little of it. “Earning time” is a series meant to help those in the second category, those who feel caught in an endless cycle of tasks they can never finish, those who are always late, who feel like underachievers despite always being on the move, for those who are stressed by life. Sounds like you?

For these articles to help, it’s best to keep an open mind and accept the truth as it is. You may already know what I’m talking about but have never done anything about it because you thought it just couldn’t be fixed. Leave the fixing part alone for now. Follow me as we identify the problem and trust that we will get to a solution. All in due time.

To put it clearly, if you are constrained by time, then you’re doing too much. You’re engaging in more activities than you can handle as a human being. So inevitably, some you fail, others you postpone, and the rest you finish with mediocre results. The cold hard truth is you are doing too much, and the only solution is to do less.

You may be someone with such great plans and ambitions, who’s always working on something important and who can’t find a minute to spare, though I doubt it. I doubt it because I am not like that, and I am writing this article. I also doubt it because I know nobody like that among my peers. Elon Musk types are rare. There would be no need for personal development if we were all that driven.

I’m willing to bet there are a ton of little habits and addictions you could do without, perhaps a show you absolutely must watch or a drink you must have. I myself have been addicted to games, television, movies, books, pornography, sugar, eating, oversleeping, just to name a few. Then, I tried building a business in the 5 minutes left.

So, what’re your addictions? There’s no need to solve anything now; you can think of solutions next week. Is it the TV? The internet? Some food or cigars? Perhaps it’s a person who’s a bad influence, a phone app or Facebook? Just think of them, and next week, we’ll start working on a solution.

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