Beliefs and Habits the Rich use to Gain More Money

The premise of this article is: there are people who make money and there are people who don’t. Those who do act and think slightly differently from those who don’t. So, if you want to be financially successful, I recommend you find out how the rich think and act, then emulate them.

As I’ve mentioned in my last article, there are hundreds of ways to make money both online and offline. If you’re not making it, it’s not because of bad luck and circumstances. Most likely, it’s because you haven’t taken enough action in the right direction.

If you have a money problem and have read the last article, did you try out any of the ideas on the list? If you haven’t, then stop reading and do so. If you have and have given up, there are bound to be some things you still could have done to make it work. Think and try again.

However, for the rest of you who are moving, taking action, and trying everything they can, here are a few behaviors you can adopt or change to improve your chances at wealth:


If you’re familiar with the word, you probably already know how much it costs you on a daily basis. The most successful people in the world, both financially and otherwise, are known to be fast action takers. They move fast, so they get the best opportunities while the window is still open. They get more things done faster, and they seem unstoppable.

On the other hand, when you get an idea, you may be tempted to procrastinate. You leave the idea for another day, and the next day, you think of even more reasons you should procrastinate. You never take action, so you’ll never know if it would have worked.

Let’s say you find a job opportunity online that pays great and is in your field of expertise, but you just don’t feel like responding to the ad right now. You’ll do it after lunch. While you’re eating, the company is flooded with emails, and they’re already picking a winner. The window closes and you lose.

How many books have you procrastinated on reading and how many bad habits do you still keep around? If you would have done your research and fixed your behaviors, perhaps the marketplace would have now treated you better.

Self Esteem

When you speak to a prospective employer or client, he/she will largely judge you based on your appearance. How you look, speak, and act will have a far bigger impact on the outcome of the meeting than anything you may have to offer.

If you have low self-esteem, the person you’re talking to will sense it. An employer will be discouraged by your attitude. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should s/he? A client will mistake the lack of confidence in yourself with a lack of confidence in the product or service you are offering. Until you fix this trait, you will lose a ton of opportunities.

Remember: Low self-esteem is not a part of you. You were not born with it. You’ve developed it over the years by repeating a series of bad habits over and over again. Perhaps, you’ve given into fear one too many times, or maybe, you’ve allowed others’ criticism to get to you.

However, although you cannot change your circumstances, you can change the habits that are causing your low self-esteem. There’s too much to be said on this topic for this article. If you’d like me to cover it fully, let me know in the comment section.

Your Beliefs

Your actions are limited by your beliefs. For example, if you believe money is evil, you will naturally move away from it. If you think making money is hard to get, then you’ll ignore the easy opportunities all around you.

Here are a few more beliefs you may have that are limiting your ability to earn more money:

  • Money if filthy,
  • The rich are evil,
  • The rich are greedy,
  • I don’t like talking about money,
  • Money is a problem,
  • I cannot afford it,
  • It’s too expensive,
  • etc.

If you have such a belief, take a moment to think of how it’s affecting you. Just because it’s not causing you major problems right now, this doesn’t mean it won’t affect your wallet down the road.


It takes courage to chase opportunities. To make money, you’ll have to accustom yourself with taking risks. You’ll have to accept the possibility of failure and act anyway.


We absorb a ton of media daily, hours upon hours of entertainment. We know everything about John Snow but so little about our own industry.

Instead of watching television, why not read some finance books or watch videos about the field you’re working in? If you can replace entertainment hours with self-improvement hours, you’ll become more and more valuable to the marketplace and your finances will rise accordingly.

Scared of failure?

If you have an idea, you must have the courage to act on it. You may be right or you may be wrong, but you’ll never know until you try. As I’ve mentioned above, you must be willing to take calculated risks and fail, so you’ll learn, improve yourself and succeed next time.

Assume Responsibility for your Lack of Money

What’s your excuse for being poor? Is it the state? Is it your boss? Are your parents at fault or the last president?

Wealthy people don’t think that way. The rich are in control of their lives because they take responsibility for it.

Do the same. Take inventory of all the habits and beliefs that are slowing your progress, and systematically replace them with something superior. Don’t overthink it. Make a better choice, act on it, and repeat.

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