About the Author

My name is Daniel, writer and owner of the MOney, HEalth, and TIme management Blog. This is my story:

One summer day, I finally hit the point where I asked myself: “Were they right?” Up until that point, I blamed the bullying on the bullies. They picked on me for apparently no reason, so I decided I was the victim.

However, at 16 I began wondering if some of the things they said about me were true. I finally questioned whether they had valid reasons to pick on me, whether I was not the victim, but the cause of my own suffering.

After countless days of analyzing my situation, I realized they were 90% wrong. They didn’t pick on me because I was stupid or ugly. I was none of those things, and they did it just because.

This was not the question I should have been asking. The real question was “why did they pick on me specifically?” There were countless other children in my class, but ever since 4th grade, the bully would always pick me.

The answer was clear: I was a victim, an easy target. I was shy since little to the point of my spine literally shaking when I had to talk to someone I didn’t want to upset (which at the time, was pretty much everyone).

I couldn’t stand up for myself. This was evident to everyone who knew me, including whatever bully happened to be in my class.

I realized, to change my situation, I had to change myself; not because the bullies were right about me, but because I was too weak to contradict them.

While searching for answers, I stumbled over Steve Pavlina’s blog. I was shocked. I read everything, then searched for another self-improvement blog and never looked back.

Since then, I started practicing Kyokushin Karate. A few years later, I was teaching it for a living. I’ve become much smoother at socializing and communicating than most of my peers.  My anxiety is gone. After extensively reading on the art of making money, I tried my hand at several ventures, including Herbalife, my first blog, becoming a life coach, and finally content writing.

When I first started, I didn’t know enough to create a successful blog (though now I realize I was just a tiny step away from monetizing it). So, I bought a book on making a living by writing content for other companies, followed the instructions, and surprisingly fast, I was in business.

Several years later, I am giving blogging another shot. After writing on hundreds of subjects for more than 50 firms, working for several SEO agencies, reading / listening / watching everything I could find on personal development, and applying it in my daily life, I would like to share what works for me in the hope it may also help you.

I kindly welcome you to Moheti! If you’d like to know more about what this blog can do for you, please read the Home Page.