100 Ways to Save Money, Part 2

Did you try the ideas from the last article? Looking for more? If so, here are 10 more ways to spend less:

  1. Transfer your balance if you cannot lower your credit card’s rates

If your credit cards come with a ton of interest, you can negotiate the rates with the issuer. You can also move the balance on a separate card if the issuer is not reasonable.

On the backside of the card, there should be a number belonging to the issuer. Call that number and negotiate.

  1. Sell your junk

There are bound to be things in your closet which you no longer use but have some monetary value. Sell them on Craiglist, eBay, or in your yard, take them to a shop, or donate them if it’ll get you a tax deduction. Not only will you gain some money, but you’ll have more space and a neater home.

  1. Don’t buy video games, movies, etc.

Many games these days are free to play, especially online games. Old games may fall into this category as well. Take advantage of the internet and the free entertainment it offers. Better yet, skip this type of entertainment altogether and invest your time in something productive.

  1. Drink lots of water.

Many encourage this practice for a healthier body, but it can help you financially. Drinking water before eating will help you feel full for a longer period of time. You will eat less, feel better, and save on food bill.

Also, the more water you drink, the less juice or soda you buy. Tap water is a much healthier alternative. It is just as healthy as bottled water and it costs far less.

  1. Skip fast food.

The more fast food you eat, the larger you debt will become. Instead of sacrificing your health and your wallet for a momentary pleasure, why not make something healthy yourself. Prepare your food ahead of time, so you won’t be starving when you get home. Also, prepare snacks to take with you to work. If eating out is simply unavoidable, use a rewards card and coupons to save some cash.

  1. Give up smoking

Satisfying addictions is usually expensive. The more you smoke, the more you feel like smoking. Even if you restrain yourself and only smoke in moderation, you’ll still be much better off financially and health-wise to give it up completely.

  1. Prepare a bunch of casseroles

They’re easy to prepare and great in a pickle. Make several of them at once, so you’ll save time. It will also allow you to buy bulk ingredients, saving you some cash along the way. Keeping a few casseroles near you will also reduce the chance of you buying junk food when short on time.

  1. Use less light

It’s easy to forget to turn off the light when you no longer need it, but it’s a good habit to form. Turn them off when leaving the room or the house. Turn them off when the sun is shining. Artificial light isn’t that good for you anyway, so don’t abuse it.

  1. Get books from the library or from the internet

It is highly unlikely you’ve read all the good books in your local library or those available online for free. If you already have a collection of your own, you can trade it for other books on websites, such as paperback swap. Some libraries even loan DVD’s, and you can get all the music you want from YouTube.

  1. Check out yard sales

One of the best places to find cheap necessities, like clothing or housewares, are yard sales. Take advantage of them, but make sure you buy only what you need. It’s easy to get tempted into buying a few souvenirs, but if you’re trying to save money, it’s not in your best interest.

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